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Driving Experience Days

Do you fancy yourself as the lead in an action movie packed with scenes of over-speeding car chases? How about a dream of driving a majestic beauty with a 6 figure price tag such as a Lamborghini? Maybe you just want to know how it feels to drive an old but roaring Mustang and let everyone know you are around. All those are sweet dreams, which seem impossible without an equally sweet pocket. However, with the driving experience days, you can live your dreams.

The Ultimate Driving Experiences by For the best deals.

If you are a rally driver or stuntman wannabe, you might want to try taking high-speed passenger rides with a professional. This will give you the word chauffer a whole new meaning! Be careful though; this is not experience for everyone. It is for the bold hearted souls who find pleasure in adrenaline-rush causing activities.

If you do not have a heart for heart-retching speeding supercars, you can decide to take a classic one down to your favorite road. As you enjoy the machine as it turns at every corner on the road, you can enjoy the scenery and the breeze as you change gears and lanes.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is simply crazy about cars, the driving experience day is the perfect answer. You can let them choose their preferred cars. You can even go on one of the off road experiences as the whole family.

Choosing the Perfect Company to Work With

There are countless companies in the UK that offer driving experience days, even supermarkets like ASDA and It is advisable to do a little research before you make a booking. Compare the prices and the packages offered by different companies. When booking a car, look at their fine print. Who is responsible for the insurance? How about the damages? If the cost is not too hard on your pocket, and the company staff takes time to explain what is involved in every package, don’t hesitate to book yourself a luxury car.


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I offered my car for rent after joining the club and the amount of money it is minting excites me. Thanks to the club and its members who love the car. I had a great experience and would definitely share it further. 
By By Wallace E. Caouette

Aston Martin was the car that I always wanted to drive but I couldn’t afford one with my day job. I joined the Italian Car Hire club and rented the car. The experience was crazy to drive that beast.
By Raul S. Tolliver

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