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It has finally happened – your dreams are about to come true and you will be meeting the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in The Big Smoke. This means that you can’t exactly walk there can you now? Whether you have been given ample warning or have just received the word that he wants to see you in an hour, you will need to arrive in style. 


As with all things that revolve around one of the world’s most important men, you will probably need to be there in a hurry. With that in mind, we have the perfect solution for you. You can hire one of our amazing Porsches at any time of the day, year and week. Yes, we are open every day, all day, all year. The concept of a public holiday does not apply to us. So if the boss of the United Kingdom wants to see you on Christmas Eve (reminiscent of Love, Actually), we can help ensure that you get there in the nick of time. Sounds good doesn’t it?


Perhaps you are not very familiar with London and have no idea how to get from one place to the next. Thankfully, our Porsche drivers are anything but unfamiliar with London. If you need a driver in London who knows the area like the back of his or her hand, you have come to the right place.


All of our drivers have received extensive training when it comes to streets of London town and will be able to get you to the Prime Minister – no matter where he wants to meet you, as quickly as possible. This way you don’t miss out on a second of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you are going to discuss climate change or human rights with him, you will be able to do so with as much time as he is willing to give you.


Why not give us a call and see for yourself. That way you can make up your own mind. 



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I offered my car for rent after joining the club and the amount of money it is minting excites me. Thanks to the club and its members who love the car. I had a great experience and would definitely share it further. 
By By Wallace E. Caouette

Aston Martin was the car that I always wanted to drive but I couldn’t afford one with my day job. I joined the Italian Car Hire club and rented the car. The experience was crazy to drive that beast.
By Raul S. Tolliver

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