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Car lovers are all around the world. Those people who feel passionate about these vehicles, spend hours beholding them as works of art and engineery; learning about models, brands an specifications; and, above all, riding them.

They are well aware of all the sensations a great car can communicate when they are behind the wheel. The feeling of power, control, class and attitude a sweet ride can offer know no match in human experience. Those lucky enough to afford it, have their own personal collection of cars and like to drive them around. Each car is assigned to a special day, ocasion or feeling. They reflect the inner state of the driver and their daily goals. Sometimes, you want to be relaxed and comfortable; sometimes, you want attitude and calling the attention; sometimes all you need is speed and a clear road ahead.


However, there are other sorts of car lovers: those who aren’t really aware that they are, in fact, car lovers. Most people - virtually, all of them - are car lovers at some point. Why do we say that? Well, because inside every heart there is a piece of potential admiration for these amazing machines of power and style. If a regular person is walking down the street and, suddenly, a top brand car turns around the corner and stops in the traffic light, heads will turn. If the car is good, it will attract the attention of peasants and other drivers, and keep it. Jaws will drop, eyes will be wide open. People don’t need to know a thing about models, engines and technical specifications to admire a well built, well designed car. They just feel it’s a great thing and behold. 

Not to mention the beauty of seeing a great car in motion. The sound of the engine as it speeds up a highway, wind blowing left and right, the sun making the chassis shine, the wheels spinning so fast they become blurry disks. One thing is for sure: no matter if it’s speeding up, waiting for the traffic light or just parked in a garage: a good car will always be a good car, and everyone will turn their heads to admire you for driving it.

Aston Martin, the British brand for power and style

There are plenty of classic models of cars from continental countries, such as Germany and Italy. But there is one British brand that has produced a couple of unbeatable cars who are still highly priced and valorated by car lovers and coleccionists from all the world. Aston Martin, a British company with over a year long of history, is still in the market and prevails as one of the top British brands.

It isn’t rare to see some of the most famous Aston Martin models in secondhand commerce be close to the six figures price; the classic Aston Martin’s remain a must have to coleccionists and car lovers. 

These cars are so popular and have so great qualities than James Bond himself used to ride one in some of his most infamous adventures, both on screen and in the original novels. So what is in these particular models that produces so much interest?

The DB7

The Aston Martin DB7 is the number one Aston Martin model of all time. Known for being the best creation of the company to date, this car is among the most highly rated of the brand. Especially loved by nostalgic car drivers but respected by all, the DB7 remains on top of all Aston Martin has ever produced.

We have selected two great reviews for you to learn more about the DB7, which you can find at and Take some time to read about this unique and highly wanted British car. We will tell you the highlights of these commentaries, but we highly recommend that you read these great reviews.

The DB7 is known as the pinnacle in style design of Aston Martin. Its timeless charm will make all heads turn, starting by your own. The cabin itself isn’t perfect, with some space flaws, but the great looks of this car make up for everything. You will be the sensation when you are behind the wheel of a DB7.

Car lovers usually gather in clubs where they can rent classic cars and drive them around for the day. Good pricing for this model in particular is around £200, and if you are not a member don’t worry! These clubs usually host open car rental days when people can give their vehicles a try.


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I offered my car for rent after joining the club and the amount of money it is minting excites me. Thanks to the club and its members who love the car. I had a great experience and would definitely share it further. 
By By Wallace E. Caouette

Aston Martin was the car that I always wanted to drive but I couldn’t afford one with my day job. I joined the Italian Car Hire club and rented the car. The experience was crazy to drive that beast.
By Raul S. Tolliver

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