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The Costs of Hiring a Classic Car

The cost of living is ever on the rise nowadays. From electricity bills, rent, subscriptions to virtually everything and the cost of fueling up cars as well. 

On the issue of cars specifically, aside from fueling it, maintenance and insurance costs are also a major hurdle but fueling still tops the list of owning a vehicle. Many ‘old school’ people keep around classic cars in their garages driving them quite rarely due to a number of reasons and at the top of the list of reasons, you can probably guess that fueling is the reason.

This is because they were made in an era where fuel-efficient consumption methods had not been well developed and classic cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley’s are extreemly expensive to run and maintain, espscially commercially. Still it remains a shame that one can’t quite enjoy riding around in the classic cars they own but that is about to change.

Why Our Classic Cars Run On LPG!

What is LPG?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has emerged as an over the years. In scientific terms, it is a combination of hydrocarbon fuels that can be used as energy sources in various application areas. The most common applications are in:

• Cooking appliances – instead of electricity and the lesser used but traditional firewood.

• Heating Devices

• Automobiles – Which use other oil extracts like diesel and petrol.

LPG and our Classic Cars

Several reputable firms that can convert the classic cars to LPG have emerged since the inception of LPG as an alternative energy source over the years. An excellent example of such can be checked out at . With a high level of expertise on the matter, such firms can convert your classic car’s system to LPG. The process essentially entails fitting the vehicle with a new propane tank and a low-pressure fuel injector to replace the ones already there. 

Why Choose LPG Systems for your classic car

A lot of good things can be said about LPG systems. Below are some highlighted benefits of opting to go for LPG:

I. Easy to convert to

As earlier stated, there are a number of well-equipped firms with excellent know-how on such as those found at

II. LPG is cheap

Compared to the usual oil products, e.g. diesel etc. LPG is way cheaper and as an alternative energy source, it shall continue being easy to afford.

III. LPG Systems are cheap to maintain

Given that they consume LPG which is cheap. Their mechanism is also easy to maintain.

IV. LPG is ‘greener’

This is in the environmental context. Unlike commonly used fuels, LPG contributes way lesser harmful emissions to the earth’s atmosphere, thus lessening the effect of . As an added advantage, it also affects people lesser.

V. Tax Discounts

Cars fitted with these systems can qualify for some forms of tax discounts since it’s a good showmanship of energy and environment conservation.

VI. Save on Fuel Bills

Due to its cheap nature, it conversely leads to huge savings on virtually all your fuel billings.

VII. Better Performance

LPG burns better and with a more even edge compared to other fuels, thus avails better performances for your vehicle.

VIII. Lower Wear and Tear

As a result of the above point, contamination done to the engine is lessened, thus ultimately lowering wear and tear of the engine.

Selecting a Dealer to Convert Your Car

With all that in mind, it’s time to go find the best place near you where you can have the LPG systems installed in your car. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting a :


It would be prudent to do some background checks on the firm you want to approach so as to ensure they are qualified, have the proper resources and expertise to swiftly do the job.


Also a very important aspect to consider. Check on what the firm you want to go for says about things like warranty, insurance and maintenance covers. This in the long run will ensure you don’t end up on a bad deal. Firms like clearly stipulate theirs so you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

Range of Systems available

There are quite a few kinds of LPG systems, each with their own pros and cons. As such, one should go for a dealer with a wide choice to choose from after proper discussions based on your preferences.


A very important factor to consider obviously. Go for a firm whose services match well with your budgetary constraints.

Equipped with all this information, you can boldly take the step towards saving both your budget and the earth by going LPG.


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