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Car lovers are all around the world. Those people who feel passionate about these vehicles, spend hours beholding them as works of art and engineery; learning about models, brands an specifications; and, above all, riding them.

They are well aware of all the sensations a great car can communicate when they are behind the wheel. The feeling of power, control, class and attitude a sweet ride can offer know no match in human experience. Those lucky enough to afford it, have their own personal collection of cars and like to drive them around. Each car is assigned to a special day, ocasion or feeling. They reflect the inner state of the driver and their daily goals. Sometimes, you want to be relaxed and comfortable; sometimes, you want attitude and calling the attention; sometimes all you need is speed and a clear road ahead.


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It has finally happened – your dreams are about to come true and you will be meeting the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in The Big Smoke. This means that you can’t exactly walk there can you now? Whether you have been given ample warning or have just received the word that he wants to see you in an hour, you will need to arrive in style. 


Driving Experience Days

Do you fancy yourself as the lead in an action movie packed with scenes of over-speeding car chases? How about a dream of driving a majestic beauty with a 6 figure price tag such as a Lamborghini? Maybe you just want to know how it feels to drive an old but roaring Mustang and let everyone know you are around. All those are sweet dreams, which seem impossible without an equally sweet pocket. However, with the driving experience days, you can live your dreams. Read More...

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The Costs of Hiring a Classic Car

The cost of living is ever on the rise nowadays. From electricity bills, rent, subscriptions to virtually everything and the cost of fueling up cars as well. 

On the issue of cars specifically, aside from fueling it, maintenance and insurance costs are also a major hurdle but fueling still tops the list of owning a vehicle. Many ‘old school’ people keep around classic cars in their garages driving them quite rarely due to a number of reasons and at the top of the list of reasons, you can probably guess that fueling is the reason. Read More...

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Should Maranello be your next vacation destination?

When it’s that time of the year for you where you get to just relax and unwind as much as you can, a new adventure might just be what you need to really enjoy yourself. Vacation times are mostly spent doing the same old clichéd things and going to places you’ve been a couple of times already. For anyone looking to change that cycle of events, this is just the thing for you.
Maranello is a town situated in Northern Italy in the Emilia-Romagna region and if you don’t know about this place you are in for quite the treat.

We’re going to list and highlight some of the top attractions and adventures you can get to experience when you’re visiting this great little city in Italy.

Activities to do in Maranello

1.    The Ferrari Hire Experience

This just had to be at the very top of the list as it should be on anything about top attractions in Maranello. This city is home to the one and only Ferrari, globally acclaimed for their posh line of cars as well as the Scuderia Ferrari F1 racing team.
As such, the city is stocked with entities such as the Ferrari Museum and the casa enzo ferrari which pay homage to the history of the Ferrari franchise and the creator and founder of Ferrari himself respectively.
To top it off, this being the native home of Ferrari, guests and tourists touring the region can get the opportunity of engaging in a Ferrari test drive. The experience is thrilling and nothing comes quite close to it as many have proclaimed. Read More...


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I offered my car for rent after joining the club and the amount of money it is minting excites me. Thanks to the club and its members who love the car. I had a great experience and would definitely share it further. 
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Aston Martin was the car that I always wanted to drive but I couldn’t afford one with my day job. I joined the Italian Car Hire club and rented the car. The experience was crazy to drive that beast.
By Raul S. Tolliver

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